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Like the rest of our products we carry only the finest ARF’s and Kits available on the market. We add value to these kits by discounting them.

Sorry, but we can only ship these models in the continental United States.

100% Composite 1/4 Scale F2G Corsair Kit

Last of the mighty bent wing Corsairs

This is an all composite kit manufactured by RC Scale Composite Airplanes with a Wingspan of 103 inches.

Shipped in two special cartons this plane comes with:

Fuselage, Cowl, Wings (three sections), 2 canopies, wing tubes, instrument panel all control surfaces, and 3 views, plans, and instructions.

Suitable engines are anything in the 100cc and up. The Moki 215 radial fits this cowl. The plane in our pictures has the 215 cc radial engine with a 32 x 12 prop and plenty of ground clearance.

Plane ships by Greyhound and approximate shipping rates are $250.00. This shipping does not extend to international orders. Please call for pricing on orders outside of the continental United States of America.

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